Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Since the moment we learned of this journey, we have been showered with love and support. Emails, comments on the blog, texts, Facebook posts, and phone calls expressing concern and encouragement have poured in. Thank-you. Supportive family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and people we've never met opened their wallets and gave donations and gift cards to grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. Thank-you. A prayer quilt was delivered and we were added to numerous prayer lists. Thank-you. Three trailers of yard debris from a recent pruning of a large tree in our yard have been taken away. Thank-you. Several meals were made and delivered. Thank-you. Groceries have been bought, and our house was cleaned. Thank-you. A sandwich was delivered to me on surgery day, books and magazines too. Thank-you. Childcare, laundry, and errands were all taken care of without question. So much done for us in our time of need. Thank-you. A cherry pie (his favorite) was made and delivered to Patrick before surgery. Thank-you. An oral cancer book was sent by another survivor, a man we feel like we know but have never met. A second book about fighting cancer was mailed to Patrick. Thank-you. Balloons and flowers were delivered to the hospital. Thank-you. A continuous flow of cards arrive in the mail. Thank-you. All of you have been so generous, helpful, kind, loving and supportive. Thank-you doesn't begin to express our gratitude. As we continue on our journey of recovery, thank-you for helping guide and support us.

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