Monday, June 27, 2011

A Long Awaited Update

I called C & S a few weeks ago, then again last week. Each time I left a message. After not hearing back from them I sent an email on Saturday. I was so happy to hear S's voice when she returned the called last night. I think she is amazing. Regardless of their situation, she is positive and in good spirits. I'm not sure I would have the same attitude. A few weeks after surgery, C noticed some swelling in his neck. He then had a PET scan and they did a needle biopsy. The results came pack positive. They waited for the oncologist to make the decision of whether or not it would be in C's best interested to continue on with Chemo and Radiation or if the cancer had spread far too much for treatments to be effective. Cut to this week... C has been in radiation. He has had one dose of Chemo and will have another this week. The chemo side effects are horrendous. Nausea. vomiting. C has a PEG tube inserting directly into his stomach. He receives a shake-type meal through the tube. From the sounds of it, the past two days have been better than the several before. We are going to go visit them soon.

M is doing well. My older sister (the nurse) and I visited her right after she got home and a few more times since then. She is doing very well. She has been up and around, is weaning off of pain meds, and trying to be more adventurous in her eating. Another week or so and she will find out if she needs radiation. Dr. D. consults with a tumor board to help him decide if further treatment is necessary. The team of surgeons, doctors and oncologists meet and review cases. M's case is up for review during their next meeting.

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

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