Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back At Work

Patrick started back at work this week. In fact, he started on Monday, exactly one month from his surgery. So far, he's doing well. Thankfully, his first day back was slow although, you're not supposed to use that word in a hospital. When I talked to him on his dinner break on Monday he had only completed seven exams, which is rare. He mentioned that he had to tell his story because two of his patients had already asked. I asked what he told them. He said he stuck his tongue out at one lady. What a comedian.

Sadly, we didn't get much time to chat on his dinner break that night. It takes Patrick quite a bit longer to eat, so we weren't able to cover much in the four minutes we had.

His second day was extremely busy. Regardless, his energy seems to be fine. I'm impressed, but expected nothing less. He's almost finished with his first week back on the job. It feels good to be back to 'normal.' We have settled back into our routine.


  1. So glad he is doing so well Laurel. What a blessing!
    Hope you and your beautiful girls are doing well also.

  2. Yay, so glad he is back at it. I am an xray tech and I can imagine how hard it is for him! Its a go go go job!