Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Post-Op Appointments and a Work Release

Patrick had two more post-op appointments this week. Dr. D. gave us two thumbs up and was very pleased with how things are going. In fact, Dr. D. gave Patrick a release to go back to work, a full duty work release to be started next week. Dr. D. and I both told Patrick that he didn't need to try and be a hero and could take a few more days if he wanted. But, Patrick is anxious to get back to the grindstone. Maybe not so much the going to work part but being able to get out of the house and see people part. The only concern Dr. D. and I have is that Patrick will be fatigued and wiped out after his time off. And, with his body still recovering it is already working overtime. We won't be going back to see Dr. D. for two months.

We had an appointment to see Dr. V., but he was stranded with a flat tire, so Patrick was seen by Dr. V.'s PA. He too was happy with how things are going. He talked with Patrick about some of the nerve issues and just like Dr. D. he believes it will continue to get better over time. The PA looked at his tongue and asked about going back to work. He told us to call if there were any issues with his tongue between now and our next appointment, or if Patrick felt too wiped out after returning work and wanted to scale back. We'll go back to see Dr. V. in a month.

Here's to continued recovery and future health.


  1. Smiling reading this post.... prayers that Patrick keeps up with the excellent recovery and is able to find that balance with going back and taking care of himself.