Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heavy Hearted

I learned of some very sad news yesterday when I received an email from S. C will need chemotherapy and radiation. He will begin that regimen in about four weeks.

Today, my heart feels even heavier than yesterday. A fellow soldier lost his fight to cancer. I am so confused. Last I heard his most recent CT scan was clear and life was looking up for him. He was putting the finishing touches on a new business and was preparing to launch it.

Scott was kind and reached out to us when we first started our journey. He and I wrote back and forth many times during the weeks before Patrick's surgery and then continued to do so as Patrick recovered. He always sent messages that were positive and uplifting and he tried to find the good and humor in the bad. Scott fought the good fight. His telling website gives a face to the horrific disease.

I'm so taken aback. Cancer, you suck!

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