Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An update on C....

I spoke with S, C's wife last night. C is doing well. His surgery went fine. As it turns out, they removed a tumor that was 4 cm by 2 cm, approximately the size of a walnut. C noticed a lesion when Patrick did back in November. A biopsy was done at a local hospital, and the results came back negative for cancer. A second biopsy by Dr. D. a month later revealed that it was in fact cancer. Nearly another month until surgery could be scheduled left ample time for the lesion to grow. In the end C switched doctors last minute, so their surgery was not done locally and ended up being very different from the surgery Patrick underwent. The good news is that they are done with that portion of their journey and can now focus on the recovery section of their journey. We're hoping to visit with them when they return home later this week. When I spoke with S, C was starting a clear liquid diet and seemed to be doing well. Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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